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in the MOST CONVENIENT format

Healthier, Tastier and Cleaner than your neighbourhood juice shop

No need to compromise.

wrongDon't settle for boxed juices and milshakes with boring taste.

wrongDon't drink artificial junk with chemicals and preservatives.

wrongOr visit the unhygenic juice shops.

wrongFlistaa is tastier than any other juice or milkshake,

wronghygenic than your neighbourhood juice shop,

wrongand healthier than most other drinks on the market.

no artificial flavour no artificial colour
no artificial sweeteners no trans fat
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Anytime. Anywhere.

Sip the homegrown flavours.

We travelled across the world, only to relise that nothing beats India, when it comes to the variety of flavours. Therefore, we bring to you delightful Indian flavours from your neighbourhood Juice shop. Enjoy at home or at office or while Travelling or on Picnics, Whenever you please. All you need is Water and Flistaa.

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