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Add 1 Minute Instant Fruit juice With Your 2 minutes Meal

The term "instant food" sets up warning bells in our heads. We all know how full of additives and preservatives they are! Taking shortcuts in the kitchen does not always have to be a bad thing. If you make the proper decisions, instant foods can be healthful. Fruit juice, on the other hand, is still an important component of our meals, and avoiding them is not suggested. But are you the one who shifted to the modern style of cooking meals in 3 minutes, Maggi in 2 minutes but still making the fresh juice by using that old traditional method - cutting the fruits and making a glass of juice? Well here’s the solution for that too! 


Yes, you can now make fresh glasses of juice within a minute with Flistaa instant fruit juice. Get ready-to-drink juices that are healthy, chemical-free, and, of course, delicious! Instant fresh juice is the powdered form of fruits that requires little to no preparation before consumption. Fruits that have been dehydrated and only require the addition of water to drink are frequently included in this category. The idea behind quick fruit juice is that people in today's fast-paced, mobile cultures don't have time to prepare meals and prepare fresh fruit juice in the normal manner, but they still need nutritious, tasty meals, fruit juices to remain energetic and hydrated.


Instant fruit juice is an attempt to meet this need while also being tasty enough for customers to choose it over fresh juice that necessitates the use of recipes and preparation. Ready-made food has a reputation for being costly and high in preservatives, chemicals, and other potentially harmful additives, food colours, and other additives, which can give it a bad reputation in the mind of the consumer while going shopping.


Grain-related items, such as noodles, flavoured oats, breakfast cereals, and other instant foods, are among the easiest to manufacture and pack. Instant food, on the other hand, can be unhealthy, however instant fruit juice cannot, because it is natural and free of additives. They're created with drying technology and have the same nutrition as fresh fruits and vegetables.


We Promise The Traditional Taste Of Fruit juice


With our products, we've been able to satisfy a need for delicious meals. When it comes to food, many individuals prefer the flavour of home-cooked meals rather than pre-packaged or outsourced meals. This preference is due to the love that goes into the making of home-cooked meals, as well as the health consciousness that goes into cooking, both of which are lacking in most pre-prepared products. But, our 1-minute fresh juice promises to be free from preservatives, colours and sweeteners.


Flistaa has been creating and manufacturing fresh juice powder for years, capturing the classic taste we all seek while also providing the body with the energy and nutrition it needs. We are the inventors and top producers of a wide range of fruit products, including all the fruit flavours. We include fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients in our product because we value the health of our customers. No preservatives are used. There are no additional colours. There are no added sweeteners.


Wrapping up


India is a foodie country. We have a large population, and the majority of them consider themselves to be experts. We aren't kidding when we say we are passionate about food. Our lives have become so fast-paced as a result of the passage of time that we no longer have time to stop and make a fresh juice for ourselves.


Even individuals who work or study away from home will be unable to do so. They wish for home-cooked food and fresh juice and spend the majority of their income on expensive restaurant meals. We can make it simpler when it comes to fresh juices.  If 2 minutes Maggi has been your sole saviour them Flistaa fruit juice can be your best buddy for sure. 


So making fresh juice isn't your thing? Then you'll feel better after drinking this tasty fruit juice. Instant fruit juice can be rocket science at times, especially when you've never taken out the juice from fresh fruits or are simply too lazy. Our 1 minute instant fruit juice is ready to provide you with some delicious rapid juice, as one says, modern problems require innovative solutions. Simply add water and drink. That's all there is to it. Ganga Jamna Saraswati, Mara Mari, Dillagi, Anar E Kali, are some of the unique and tasty juices we're talking about. So you can have an energetic boost in no time.