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Cool Off With These 4 Traditional Indian Chillers!

Take a sip of some of India's most popular traditional beverages.

It's that time of year when our body systems crave flavorful refreshment and we want to consume lots of cold beverages. However, rather than consuming the bottled beverages available in the market this summer, try making some classic Indian chillers and street drinks.


Traditional drinks, made from seasonal fruits, herbs, and spices, are the ideal option to overcome the heat on hot summer days. Almost any region of India has its own style, each mastered over years of practise and the passage of time. Furthermore, each has its own storyline, a tale of centuries of culture and beloved happy times.


As a result, here are amazing authentic Indian beverages that symbolise the Indian summer. You'll appreciate rediscovering these ancient hydrations, we promise!


Anyone who believes that Lassi and Masala Chai are the only Indian drinks is mistaken. As diverse and unique as the country's customs, the Asian country offers an outstanding collection of traditional drinks


As you might expect, some Indian beverages are high in spices and are thought to boost immunity and improve digestion. Most are quite refreshing, which supports in surviving the country's summer heat, which can reach temperatures of over 40°C.


Authentic And Traditional Indian Drinks

While discovering India's wonders and traditions, learn about the most important drinks to try.


Each of India's 26 states has its own unique drinks and beverages that are not only tasty but also nutritious. Indian drink, also known as Indian beverage, is a major aspect of Indian cuisine and includes a variety of distinctive and refreshing beverages.


When it relates to excellent taste, India has an overwhelming desire. Even more than their food, Indians enjoy the beverages that go with it. For the average Indian, no day is flawless without a cup of tea. But tea isn't the only thing available. Here's a fun trip across the country, with stops in each state to sample their favourite beverage!


The following is a list of authentic and traditional Indian beverages:


Mara mari


This delicious juice is produced with an outstanding Pineapple and Mosambi combo. The two fruits combine to create a distinct flavour profile that you must try. Mara Mari is a name that refers to a tug of war between two fruits that are striving for your heart. These two unique fruits combine their capacity to create a delicious combination that is both refreshing and energizing.


Ganga Jamuna Saraswati


The Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati are three of India's most famous rivers, each with its own tale and heritage. Ganga Jamuna Saraswati is a delightful drink made from three different fruits: orange, mosambi, and pineapple. The three flavours combine to create a zesty and sweet flavour that quickly becomes a favourite.


Anar e Kali


Anar Kali actually refers to "pomegranate bud." This captivating juice will enchant you with its distinct flavour. Pomegranate and apple combine to make an appealing juice drink that will brighten your day. The hide-and-seek nature of the two flavours will immediately thrill you.




Dillagi reflects the juice's bravado and flirty attitude. Strawberry and watermelon combine to delight your taste buds and instantly refresh you. This juice's appealing flavour profile is a hit right away. This juice has snatched our hearts, and we're confident it'll do the same for you.


Wrapping up


As we all know, India is a wonderful mix of customs and traditions, with each culture having its own specialties. Their eating and drinking habits reflect this specialisation.


Our wide range of instant fruit juices drinks is sure to make you say ...ummah…! So, whether you're in the mood for anything classic, playful, or refined, all of our fruit juices are synonymous with modern-day eating, and any of them will go well with your mouth watering dinner or you can take it as an energy booster.