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Enjoy The Most Popular Traditional Drinks Of India

As diverse and unique as the country's customs, India offers an outstanding collection of traditional drinks. So, anyone who believes that Lassi and Masala Chai are the only Indian drinks, is wrong. Most Indian beverages, as you might expect, are high in spices and are said to boost immunity and improve digestion. And each one of them are quite refreshing, which aids in surviving the country's summer heat, which can reach temperatures of above 40°C. Ufff!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some must-try Indian beverages that will tempt your taste buds instantly!

List Of Top 6 Typical Indian Drinks


Lassi is a popular Indian drink that originated in Punjab, a state in the country's north. Lassi is made with yogurt as the base, and the ingredients vary by region. There are sweet versions (made with water, sugar, cardamom, and fruits such as mango and strawberry) and savory versions (made with salt, cumin, and mint).

As casein, a protein found in milk, binds to capsaicin, the component that causes peppers to burn, lassi is a wonderful "tranquiliser" for spicy Indian food. It is the best summer beverage. To give a surprising twist to the drink, we have one special Summer Paradise milkshake to make your summers exciting and fun!

Aam Panna

In Hindi, aam denotes "mango." Aam Panna includes green mangoes, also known as fresh 'Kairi,' instead of ripe mangoes, which are used in most juices and drinks. Cooked mangoes are mixed with salt, pepper, jeera (cumin powder), and mint leaves for decoration.

The Aam Panna drink is popular in northern India during the summer as a refreshment and to restore electrolytes lost via perspiration owing to the heat. Also, explore our Flistaa beverages to beat the heat! 

Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani, also referred to as Shikanji, is lemonade that has been "terminated" with sugar, coarse salt, and jeera (powdered cumin).

This fascinating drink, which combines sweet and salty flavors, is popular in the summer since it is highly refreshing and is frequently offered by street sellers. To create a unique flavor profile and help you energize, here we have come up with Maramari juice - a combination of pineapple and sweet lime. It will create a citric medley for sure! 


Jal denotes "water" in Hindi, while Jeera denotes "cumin." The drink is made with lemonade and cumin seeds, as well as Jaljeera powder, a spice blend that includes roasted cumin powder, mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, pepper, black salt, powdered fruits (such as dehydrated green mango), and even tamarind water for a quite delicious taste.

Jaljeera, like Nimbu Pani, is a popular summer dish in northern India. Cumin aids digestion and can be taken either before or after a meal to stimulate your appetite. How about trying a juice with the power of 3? Try our Ganga Jamuna Saraswati juice!


Thandai is a famous drink that is typically served during the Holi Celebration, a festival of colors that celebrates the beginning of spring, and Mahashivratri (a festival that honors God Shiva).

Thandai means "refreshing" or "cooling" in Hindi. Thandai has almonds, cardamom, rose water, saffron, pepper, fennel, and watermelon seeds in addition to milk and sugar. Well, you do not need to do such hard work to enjoy this milkshake, try our instant milkshakes instead!  

Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani, Pune's unique culinary innovation, is a delicious street drink that will remind you that mango is the actual king of the fruit kingdom. It's basically a velvety mango milkshake with fresh fruit pieces, crunchy nuts, juicy cherries, and whipped cream on top. Yes, the drink is named after Mastaani, the lovely princess of Bundelkhand who won the heart of the mighty Peshwa Bajirao. And, to win your hearts, we try our best and hence introduce unique and tastiest juice ever for you. So, try our Dillagi and Anar E Kali juices to enjoy the tangy twist!

Wrapping Up

Indian drink, also known as Indian beverage, is a major aspect of Indian cuisine and includes a variety of distinctive and refreshing drinks. Hence, while you discover India's mysteries and traditions, learn about the essential drinks to have on hand. So, don’t forget to try these mouthwatering, colorful, and sweet Indian beverages. And yes, when you have to face the scorching heat and quench your thirst, grab the Flistaa. Yes, a refreshing, pleasant, delectable drink or beverage that brings you back to life.