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A bachelor's heart lives in his tongue. Once you move into a new city as a bachelor, your second task is to identify those street food corners in your neighborhood and make them your hangout places.

Every city's corner has a mixed fruit juice shop famous for its variety of flavors. Most probably, your favorite shop has popped up in your head by now.

Harshvardhan, an investment banker turned entrepreneur, narrates his story as a bachelor,

"As soon as I reached Mumbai, the first thing I did was to accompany a friend and step out to explore the neighborhood. That's what every new Bachelor does upon arrival in the city. Mumbai is the city that makes you walk a lot, and humidity at the same time makes you thirsty. Being fond of street food, it didn't take much time to locate that one fruit juice shop around half of the kilometer away from where I lived as a bachelor. Soon It became my evening routine to chill along with friends at the famous juice shop. The fruit juice vendor would prepare the juice by mixing two or three flavors, which would taste just amazing. I would even crave it in the office during work hours but couldn't get my hands on them since skipping office wasn't a good choice.

Even Harsh would never leave a chance to enjoy those local juice shops across Mumbai's local train stations. Taking a break from work on weekends and satisfying sweet tooth was his favorite thing to do as a bachelor.

Once, Harsh tried to make mixed fruit juice at his place, similar to his favorite fruit juice shop. Thinking he would enjoy it at home or office but couldn't match the taste of his favorite juice shop. He found it full of hassles and time-consuming, which made him never think of doing it again.

Indeed his favorite fruit juice shops were available to deliver through food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, but his pocket-size restricted him from ordering through these apps regularly.

But this experiment and sweet craving ignited an idea in Harsh's mind. Why not create these street beverages in a product format so that bachelors like him can enjoy anywhere anytime they want without stepping out of their comfort zone?

Moreover, hygiene and health are compromised over the taste. Why not give a healthy, tasty, and convenient choice to fellow bachelors.

Harsh surveyed all the famous fruit juice shops and learned their technique and recipes.

Even he ended his Bachelor's life soon to become an investment banker. Still, an unfulfilled quest for a bachelor made him rethink as an entrepreneur.

This inconvenience and taste problem of bachelors gave rise to Flistaa, a brand with a story bound to it.

Flistaa- is the combination of English (Flavour) and Sanskrit word (Istaa) that means 'Flavors to cherish life.'

It sounds fun and very well resembles the Bachelor's life.

After visiting and trying many famous fruit juice shops across Mumbai, harsh and his marketing team came up with unique combinations of local flavors with local taste, pocket-friendly instant juice mixes, and nutritious milkshakes.

How is Flistaa different from other fruit brands in the market?

Every Flistaa juice and milkshake has natural fruit powders, and no preservatives have been added. That means you get local flavors that are packed naturally and delivered to your doorstep economically.

An average bachelor's life in a city is like a bike with low fuel in the tank, always running on a reserved fuel mode, and pockets are drained at the end of the month.

Keeping the pocket size of Bachelor's in mind, the Flistaa products are priced economically.

All the Flistaa products are designed for those living away from homes who desire to satisfy their taste buds even in the office or while watching their favorite web series. 

Designed to get ready in one minute and have it on your table in a free shaker provided with the product so that you never have to slow down at work.

Check out these combinations of Instant fruit juices and nutritious milkshakes to see what suits your needs best.