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Combo Details:
1 Box of Summer Paradise (Mango Instant Milkshake Mix)
1 Box of Blushing Berry (Strawberry Instant Milkshake Mix)
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Made with real,
natural ingredients.

Delicious taste.
No Added Preservatives.>

Ready in 1 minute.

Enjoy anytime,

50% Daily Value of Calcium,
Viramin A & D2 (Per Serving)

About this Super-Saver pack

Summer Paradise and Blushing Berry Combo

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What exactly are instant juice and milkshake mixes?

Flistaa’s instant juice and milkshake mixes made from natural fruit powders and milk powders. We add few natural ingredients and additives in the natural fruit and milk powders to make it Ready to Make juice/milkshake anytime anywhere within 1 minute.

What arethe fruit powders and milk powders and how are they made?

Fruit powders are made from fruit juice/pulp and Milk powders are made from milk only. Fruitjuice/pulp or Milk is converted into Fruit powder or milk powder through well-known spray drying technology.

Are Flistaa products made from natural ingredients?

Yes, all of our products are made from natural ingredients. We don’t add any artificial additives or preservatives

Is it sugar-free? Does it contain Added sugar?

No, its not sugar free. To give you the optimal taste we add sugar but overall sugar content per 100 ml is 12 gms in the milkshake made from Flistaa milkshake mix - which is the normal amount of sugar found in milkshakes.

Do I need to add this instant mix in milk?

As we have already added the milk powder in the instant mix, you just need to add cold water to make it. It will give the same consistency as milkshake made from liquid milk

Can children have these milkshakes mixes?

Yes, as our products contains natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, children above age of 3 can consume it

How to consume Flistaa products?

You just need to follow following steps to prepare the juice within a minute 1. Add 200 ml water in the shaker 2. Empty the content of the sachet and close the cap of the shaker tightly 3. Shaker for 10-15 seconds and your delicious juice is ready to drink

What are the advantages of instant milkhsake mix?

Our products are more hygienic than those sold at your local juice bar. It's crafted using real, natural ingredients. You can make it in under a minute, anywhere, at any time. It will instantly offer you an energy boost, uplift your mood with its great taste and keep you hydrated for a long time.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews


Prathmesh Tawade
Bit thick

Qulity is really amazing but thickness is more for the milshake